September 22, 2017

Kinnikinnick Fen

Foxtails in a misty landscape

Fen area

Black and yellow garden spider

Flush of color in the fen

Diverse and mysterious view into the fen


Downtown Toledo from the Docks

Seneca Caverns

Inside the 'caviest cave in the US', a multi-level limestone fracture cave

One of Ohio's greatest mysteries... the old mistry river reaches the seventh level of Seneca Caverns and feeds the famous Blue Hole at Castalia. Still unknown... the true extent of the underground river system in northwest Ohio which feeds numerous caves and springs and eventually drains to Lake Erie.

Rock Mill

Old rope on one of the top floors of the mill

Indian Trail Caverns

Caverns formed by glacial moulin activity

Glacial pothole


Green Springs

Largest sulphur springs in the world

National Museum of the Great Lakes

Model of the Great Lakes inside one of the finest museums in Ohio

Bell from the ship moored outside of the museum

Piece of the Old Ironsides ship

Old diving suit

The old ship moored in the Maumee River outside the museum

Onboard the ship looking towards downtown Toledo

Inside the captain's area at the front of the ship

Fairfield County Court House

Fairfield County Courthouse from the square

Daughmer Savanna State Nature Preserve

Rare remnant of the Sandusky Plains

Bur oak savanna

Alley Park

Lonely trees on Lake Loretta

Morning sunburst

Decaying stump in the golden hour

Leaf suspended in a spider web

April 28, 2017


Ross County Court House

Blue hour at the hills of the great seal

Majestic Theatre

Plaque at the Adena Mansion

Adena Mansion and gardens

Gnarled old oak tree at the Adena Mansion

The Pump House art gallery in Yocatangee Park

South Chagrin Reservation

Squaw Rock

Side ravine of the Chagrin River

Along the Chagrin River

Chagrin River in flood

Chagrin Falls

Chagrin Falls in flood

January 27, 2017

National Museum of the U.S. Air Force

Air Force One

F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter

B-2 Spirit stealth bomber


Piece of the Berlin Wall


C-17 Globemaster III cargo plane